Our Research

Our Treasure Your Chest resources are underpinned by years of scientific research and have been developed following extensive research undertaken with pupils, teachers and schools.

The impact of our resources have also been robustly evaluated using validated tools and in carefully controlled scientific studies.

Our research findings have been published in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Adolescent Health, The Breast Journal, and the American Journal of Health Education.


Selected publications are detailed below:  

Scurr, J., Brown, N., Smith, J., Brasher, A., Risius, D., & Marczyk, A. (2016). The influence of the breast on sport and exercise participation in schoolgirls in the UK. Journal of Adolescent Health. 58(2), 167-173.

Brown, N., Smith, J., Brasher, A., Omrani, A., & Wakefield-Scurr, J. (2017). Breast cancer education for schoolgirls: an exploratory study. European Journal of Cancer Prevention, 27(5), 443-448.

Brown, N., Smith, J., Brasher, A., Risius, D., Marczyk, A., & Wakefield-Scurr, J. (2018). Breast education for schoolgirls: why, what, when and how? The Breast Journal, 24(3):377-382.

Omrani, A., Wakefield-Scurr, J., Smith, J., & Brown, N. (2019). The development and psychometric properties of a survey to assess breast knowledge and attitudes of adolescent girls. American Journal of Health Education, 50(6), 374-389.