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We support breast education in schools via our Treasure Your Chest resources. The resources include credible, reliable and evidence-based information to support your teaching and are available at no charge.


Underpinned by years of scientific research, our resources have reached thousands of girls and are proven to improve girls knowledge about breasts, increase their confidence to talk about breasts, and support them to manage breast care.

We have surveyed more than


In an evaluation of 408 girls and 11 teachers….

Why is breast education important?

Breast development can be a positive milestone in the development of the female body, but it can also be an embarrassing and confusing time. Girls can go through periods of self-consciousness, negative body image and low self-esteem as they navigate these changes.


We surveyed over 2000 girls aged 11-17 years



of girls avoided physical activity because of their breasts



of girls reported at least one concern about their breasts 



of girls reported never wearing a sports bra for exercise



of girls reported that they wanted to know more about breasts

We believe that girls deserve to receive comprehensive breast education, beyond the biological aspects of puberty taught in schools. By empowering girls with knowledge and awareness we believe that girls' body confidence, health and participation in physical activity can be significantly improved.

As leading experts in breast health and bra fit, we have produced FREE contemporary and age-appropriate Treasure Your Chest resources and associated educator guidance, to help you engage young girls with the content.


Timeline of Treasure Your Chest Development

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